VYNNA Brand Ambassador Application

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Thank you for your inquiry regarding sponsorship as an athlete. Please complete every question and section below. Our selection criteria are based upon the following (in non-rank order):

a) Your use of VitargoFx® or Vitargo®: how do you use it, for how long, and why

b) Your social media mentions of VitargoFx or Vitargo PRIOR to being engaged as a Brand Ambassador (we think that IF a person is already using VitargoFx or Vitargo they likely are mentioning it to their friends)

c) Your level of engagement in social media (how many people reply and comment on a post by you)

d) Your sphere of influence (how many followers, video views, clients, etc.)

e) Your sport(s) (we are uniquely sport agnostic–we want to penetrate EVERY sport or form of intense exercise or athletic competition; inspire us with YOUR sport and YOUR reach)

To evaluate you as a brand ambassador (or as a sponsored athlete), we request the following information. Once complete, please click Submit.

IMPORTANT If you are not active in social media (you do not have a Facebook or Twitter account, AND an Instagram account), with frequent postings and engagement with your community, we will very likely instantly dismiss your application. Social media communications FREQUENCY and ENGAGEMENT are essential, objective metrics we use to assess the promise of an athlete and the potential of developing a mutual, value-adding relationship. ALSO, if you state in your application below that you “love Vitargo”,“…it has transformed my racing…”, “…I can’t believe how I’ve gotten leaner…”, or a similar sentiment, yet after we assess your social media postings we see NO mention of Vitargo but DO see postings of OTHER brands of performance nutrition supplements, foods, or drinks that do NOT sponsor you, we will very likely instantly dismiss your application. If you post about other brands (that do not sponsor you) we always ask, “Why don’t they give VYNNA some love? Their application states “VitargoFx is the best thing since compression wear and whey protein…” WE LOOK FOR INTELLIGENT ATHLETES THAT GET BRANDING, SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT, and CONDUCT THEMSELVES IN A PROFESSIONAL MANNER, ON AND OFF LINE.


We review and reply to EVERY response — IF it is COMPLETE. If you do NOT have something asked below, simply state: NO BLOG, or NO WEBSITE, etc; if you have no clue about your 2016 competition calendar, then state: 2016 competition calendar under construction.

NOTE: Due to the volume of submissions, it may take 3-4 weeks to reply. Thank you for your patience.